Justine Beguin

Self-taught painter, I express myself mainly through abstraction in oil painting, letting the univers talks threw me.

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My virtual exhibition is online!

“A door to ourselve” : 
Open your eyes to listen to yourself, and open your ears to reconnect with your voice and your inner path.
Let the colours guide you through their waves of texture, follow the relief of the canvas, and let yourself be carried away by the images that emerge.
A door opens inside, and reconnects us to the deepest self. The spiritual world opens up to us, and lets itself be grasped more and more easily. Through my canvases, I share keys to reconnect to one’s Being, one’s Divine part. Like doors to find the answers within oneself, the paintings allow us to travel and connect the two worlds; in order to grasp answers that are already within us and need to be revealed.
A vibrant and colorful universe to listen to oneself again.
A wise step towards ourseves!

Clic the picture below to redirect to the exhibition, or copy/paste this link: https://www.artsteps.com/view/5e722e2f6ae6b62b1ee76b26 
Accessible directly on a computer, or via the artsteps application on smartphone. Once the application is download, you will need to search for the French name of the exhibition “Une porte vers soi-m’aime” using the  lens and scroll to the right until you find it! (Unfortunately, you won’t come across it directly, even though it’s the only one with that name).
Don’t hesitate to send me your reactions after “visiting” it!

Overview of the virtual exhibition “Une porte vers soi-m’aime” (A door to ourselves)