Self-taught painter, I express myself mainly through abstraction in oil painting, letting the universe express itself through me.

I am originally from Sologne where I grew up surrounded by nature and its forests. I draw a lot without daring to fully embark on this path. I study art history in Tours and the discovery of the multiple works awakens an artistic desire, while allowing me to deepen my understanding and connection to the works. However, I have to wait for my trip to French Guyana in 2015 for me to really discover painting.

Guyana, a land of adoption, had a strong impact on me during the two years I lived there. A canvas and tubes of oil were left there as if waiting for me, and I painted my first canvases there. Abstract of course and in a very intuitive way, discovering the material and these new sensations. Guyana was for that reason a very rich land in every sense of the word: nature, the jungle that abounds with colors, smells, sounds, life, all these very strong sensations and energies. It allowed me to develop my art, to refine my senses and to fully regain my connection with the spiritual world.

I realize intuitive canvases, in connection with the divine, the guides, in order to share at best the messages of the universe. Messages that pass through me in various ways over time to approach this subtle world made of feelings and intuitions, energies as well as the power and capacities present in each one of us. I try to address subjects that touch us at the deepest level, to break down the barrier between the material and spiritual worlds, to be a bridge between worlds in order to bring each one to listen to each other to find the answers within themselves.