The “painting-guidance” is a canvas created to measure for you, according to your vibrations, to answer a particular need of evolution.

The “painting-guidance” aims to help you to progress, to evolve on a precise point. It is a guidance on an aspect of your life that you wish to see changed and on which you need an answer. It can be a material or psychic aspect, there is no limit to the subjects!
You may have a question about work, need to move without knowing how to do it or where to start… You may also want to change a limiting thought that is holding you back, or an aspect of your personality that you want to overcome!

Depending on the subject you wish to see evolve, we will define together a positive sentence that will be the guiding thread for the realization of the canvas.
For example: you no longer feel at home in your work and need to evolve to get out of the situation. From this observation, we will develop a positive sentence, such as “I have the right to do a job I like”, or “I have the strength in myself to move forward and evolve towards a job that really attracts me”.
All subjects and facets can be discussed!

This positive sentence will serve as a guideline for me to create the canvas. A canvas executed in one session, which will be abstract and realized by connecting me to you and our respective guides in order to best meet your needs. It is therefore a guided and channeled canvas that will correspond to your personal vibrations, so that each canvas is unique and “tailor-made” for you.

Once the canvas is ready to be sent (I work in oil, so count 3 to 4 weeks), you will receive the work and can hang it at home. The fact of seeing the painting, of seeing the image of it while passing in front of you will allow you to receive its frequencies and its information, which will then be integrated in you and will allow you to evolve inside. We attract to us what we emit, so it is by progressing internally that we can change our external world!
The web will thus allow you to make the situation evolve by yourself, having changed internally. It is an evolutionary guidance in which you are the actor!

A new way to bring art into your home! You will receive a unique piece of art that suits you.
Signed on the back only with the title that will be your evolutionary phrase.

Price: 90 euros all inclusive, free shipping.
Oil painting on canvas round format 30cm in diameter.